Learn to code with Ruby and Ruby on Rails
By Davey Strus /

Learning to code can be tough. It’s also a lifelong journey. I know I’m still figuring it out after 15+ years.

Instructors Davey Strus and David Jones of Fretless

I’ve gotten a computer science degree, read a ton of books, read even more blog posts and tutorials, watched screencasts, attended Meetups and conferences, taken private training courses, and earned fancy certifications1. Suffice to say, I gained knowledge from a variety of sources. Believe me: Some are better than others. At times I’ve been so scared of learning a subject the wrong way that it’s kept me from learning that subject at all2. Had I known what I now know 15 years ago, I could have saved myself some time.

The Fretless team has spent years organizing events, volunteering, and teaching and mentoring others. Now we’re teaming up with Eleven Fifty to offer an immersive course on Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework November 8th through November 14th, 2014.

Why Eleven Fifty?

Eleven Fifty is a coding academy in Carmel, Indiana (the Indianapolis suburb where the Fretless team got to know each other). Within minutes of meeting the Eleven Fifty team and hearing about their approach, we knew we’d be a great fit. Their focus is on immersive courses building substantive projects—and it’s not over at the end of the course. Eleven Fifty is in touch with businesses looking for apprentices and junior developers.

And you can’t beat the mansion of co-founder and tech business legend Scott Jones as a venue3.

Now Is the Time

There’s no time like the present to start a career developing applications in Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and you won’t find another course like this one. Space is limited, so get in touch right away to find out if it’s right for you. We hope to see you in November!

If you have any questions about Fretless or the course, please contact me at

  1. Hey, does anyone need a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator on SQL Server 2000? To this day, I get more LinkedIn endorsements for Microsoft SQL Server than for anything else—like, say, the stuff I do every day—just because I have that cert. [return]
  2. After an embarrassing number of years spent teaching myself how to play guitar (poorly), I finally took the plunge and got some honest-to-goodness lessons a few years ago. My instructor was excellent, and he taught me as much about how to learn—and how to _teach_—as he did about the guitar. [return]
  3. Seriously, it was the MTV Cribs Crib of the Decade. There’s a T. rex skull for Pete’s sake! [return]