Freedom Collaborative Anti-Human Trafficking Platform

Think slavery is a thing of the past? Think again. Human trafficking is a real and growing threat to our planet, and Chab Dai is at the forefront of putting an end to this pandemic with Freedom Collaborative. They approached us because they were struggling to make ending trafficking a worldwide effort. There are plenty of anti-human trafficking organizations, but they weren’t talking to each other. The available foundations were all disjointed, and weren’t working in unison. Nor was there any central repository of information, books, and media related to trafficking.

Chab Dai knew that they could streamline their efforts and become a global leader in stopping human trafficking, and they put their trust in us to help them do just that.

Their existing website and applications were barely functioning. Their data was incomplete, and new features weren’t launching on schedule — which made scheduling many of their initiatives with their global partners particularly tricky.

When we started working with Chab Dai, the first thing we did was to host a Roadmapping session — which is our way of getting to know the why behind the projects we work on, and what part we played in solving the underlying problem.

Afterward, we went to work. We improved the reliability of their website, and streamlined the way that they were able to push new updates to their global partners. Our team helped them organize a central “library” — catalogs of books, films, articles, and other media specific to fighting human trafficking. We drastically enhanced their directory of global organizations, and made it easy to filter these organizations.

Our process made it so that Chab Dai could reliably and effectively execute on their anti-trafficking campaigns. We provided straight answers to their questions, and made it so that they knew exactly what we were working on and when we’d be able to get it to them. The team at Fretless was in close communication with Chab Dai.

So what did this mean for them? What effect did we help bring to putting an end to human trafficking?

As a result of our engagement, traffic to their various web properties is up by an order of magnitude—1074%!—and the community is engaging like never before.

Our partnership has helped accelerate the end of trafficking, and we couldn’t be happier to have played a role in that.